About Us

Original Bike Spirits™ is dedicated to delivering the formulas that have earned the trust of motorcyclists near and far. Whether you ride a sport bike, a cruiser, or even in the dirt, Original Bike Spirits™ does not discriminate. We don't care what you ride, as long as you've got two wheels and keep the rubber side down. We'll make you look good.

For years our customers have depended on these original formulas, provided under various private label brands, to enhance the beauty and performance of their machines. Our roots run deep in quality products that have earned a reputation for delivering the best results.

We are passionate about motorcycles and that is what inspired the launch of an old secret formula cloaked in a new brand, Original Bike Spirits…get used to it.

Is the Original Bike Spirits Spray Cleaner & Polish product a new formulation?
No. It is the same formulation previously provided by Amrep, under various private label brands, including Pro Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish and Harley-Davidson.
What other products does Original Bike Spirits offer?
Our line of quality motorcycle products also include; Spray Cleaner & Polish, Contact/Brake Cleaner, Brake Cleaner, Chain Lube, and Carb Cleaner with more Original Bike Spirits to come.
Where can I buy Original Bike Spirits Products?
Original Bike Spirits products can be purchased at authorized retail locations. For a location near you, check out Where to Buy.
Is Honda's new Spray Cleaner Polish the same product?
Not to our knowledge. Amrep no longer provides this product formulation to Honda and has not authorized Honda to use it.