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Welcome to our blog! Since we all love to talk… and of course listen, we at Original Bike Spirits have decided to expand the conversation beyond 140 characters and a captioned picture.  This blog is here for you - the motorcyclist enthusiast who just can't leave the driveway without a quick polish or engine tune up.  Here you'll find all the things needed to suit the OBS lifestyle - from tips on bike maintenance, entertaining tidbits, to happenings in your hood.  Welcome to our home, pull up a chair, or grab a little something to eat before we hit the road riding!  Want to tell us your story?  Email us at

Harley Davidson Introduces Its New Freewheeler Trike

2015-harley -davidson -freewheeler -trike
Harley-Davidson has finally announced their 2015 line-up. A part of the impressive line-up is the 2015 Freewheeler Trike. Is it everything we’ve been waiting on?

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The Meaning of Captain America & His Motorcycle on Memorial Day

Captain _America _Harley _Street _OBSpirits
Memorial Day invokes the joy of summertime riding. But let’s remember our fallen soldiers, even if it’s just with our patriotically-designed motorcycles.

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Women Riders

Girlon Tims Bike
Since the number of female motorcycle enthusiasts increases every day, we shouldn’t be surprised to see many more motorcycles on the road with perfectly polished wheels and lots of shiny chrome!

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Restoring Vintage Motorcycles with Original Bike Spirits

Wheels Through Museum _Pope
Last week we posted about Harley Davidson’s New Softail 2013 Breakout. This week we’re going to take it ALL THE WAY BACK. Have you ever watched What’s In The Barn? It’s definitely Original Bike Spirits approved programming.

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OBS New Bike Series—Harley Davidson’s New Softail 2013 Breakout

HD_breakout _Harley Davidson
Looking for a new motorcycle? Or know a friend who’s in dire need of one? Original Bike Spirits have eliminated the headache of deciding on which bike to choose. Harley Davidson’s newest Softail, the 2013 Breakout, is definitely one you should consider. The 2013 FXSB Breakout was the first Harley to make its debut at Bike Week and will no doubt be displayed at several motorcycle trade shows this year.

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