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Batman, What Happened to My OBS for the Holiday?

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After the jolly cheer and eggnog hangovers start to wear off, many are left with unwanted gifts and "well-balanced" gift cards.  After the New Year, many begin to wonder "what to exchange those thoughtless gifts for" and "what should I spend this gift card on?"  The perfect gift to trade that coal in your stocking for would be the Batman: Dark Knight Rises DVD.  Why?  Who wouldn't want to see Ann Hathaway ride the Batpod?  And how cool is it to see Bane wear a red helmet with a black visor and brown motorcycle jacket during a motorcycle chase scene.

According to wikia, the revamped Batcycle has dual front-mounted cannons and is steered with your shoulders instead of your hands. Another interesting tidbit is that the engines, yes engines with an "s", are located inside the wheels.  Cool, right?  Let us know which unwanted gift you would trade for the Batpod in the comments below.  The best answer will receive free OBS product and a Dark Knight Rises DVD.

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