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Girlon Tims Bike

Since the number of female motorcycle enthusiasts increases every day, we shouldn’t be surprised to see many more motorcycles on the road with perfectly polished wheels and lots of shiny chrome! 

Sure, guys can be just as meticulous when it comes to cleaning a motorcycle, but odds are that women pay just as little more attention to motorcycle detailing.  After all, we carefully choose our outfits before hopping on the bike, so of course we are always sure to give the same amount of time to motorcycle maintenance. Every year I hear about another female friend taking a motorcycle riding course, passing with flying colors, and joining the ranks of their fellow riders in the community. 

Along with learning to ride comes respect for the machine and just how important motorcycle performance can be when travelling all of those newly discovered roads to nowhere.  Instead of a dreaded chore, cleaning your motorcycle is a pleasure with the help of Original Bike Spirits products.  Keep a can of OBS Spray Cleaner and Polish in your saddlebag and your bike will live up to the“sugar and spice and everything nice” reputation!


Girlon Tims Bike

Written by Lisa Petrocelli at 12:00 AM

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