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Bikers Turn The Hard Work of Charity Into Fun

Motorcycle Charity

Motorcycle enthusiasts come in all sizes, ages, ethnicities, genders and mindsets. They ride Harley Davidson, Indians, Yamaha, and Suzuki motorcycles. And once a rider gets a few miles on some good switchbacks and a few bugs in their teeth, riding embeds itself into their soul. No matter what kind of ride they sport, their common connection is their love of riding and passion to defend and support the infirmed. That's why charities seem to be at the top of a biker's list.

North Texans just finished riding in the largest toy run in the world- The Big Texas Toy Run. This toy run attracts multiple thousands of bikes that are Spray Cleaned & Polished, tuned up, and that are puttered with to the 'nth' degree. Like a hot knife through butter, of course Original Bike Spirits fans have learned to cut through this kind of laborious task easily, while others run around like a long-tailed cat using Tide and mama's old tea towel. This charity event attracts every kind of motorcycle enthusiast, including mom and pop clubs, ladies riding clubs, and MC's. 

TheChula Chasersis a group of guys from North Texas that just like to ride! They gave $51,370.55 toThe Big Texas Toy Run, which supports special needs children in theDallas/Ft Worth area. (Sidebar: OBS donated 3 pallets full of products!) This group spends the entire year hosting events to raise money for these children.

If you're around North Texas, check out Chula Chasers web site to keep up with their monthly events. Look for us, Snoopy and Sharon . . . come share your 'road stories' because we all have them, and we all love to hear 'em.

Warning: While reading their short story, your mouth might betray you with your favorite expletive. You know the one I mean - when something astounding smacks you right across your cranium, your mouth engages and then your hand slaps your mouth? Yeah . . . that's the one.

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Written by Sharon Smith at 12:00 AM

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