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OBS BLOG Charity - Bikers

Bikers are well-known for contributing to charities and this is evidenced by the many, many fundraising motorcycle rides and benefits that are scheduled every year.  To a motorcycle enthusiast, any motorcycle riding is a thrill, but when it is done for a good cause it becomes an act of brotherhood or sisterhood and the rewards are plenty for all involved.

New York State has no shortage of annual charity rides.  A motorcycle club may choose to host a "motorcycle cleaning" event (using OBS products of course) and offer to have some pretty young women wash motorcycles for a donation, which would then be given to a particular charity or someone who is struggling.  There have been custom motorcycle shows included as part of the huge "We Care Ride" benefit held in Albany every year, for a local family in need. 

Whatever the reason, bikers are notorious for stepping up to the plate when called upon, providing thousands of dollars each year to support local and national charity organizations.  They know, understand, and practice the true meaning of "My Brother's Keeper."  Learn how to ride a motorcycle and join the charity biker brigade - your spirit will soar!  OBS would love to hear about the motorcycle events in your neck of the woods that provide assistance to those in desperate need.  Tell us what YOU have been involved with and how your compassion has made a difference in the world!

OBS BLOG Charity - Bikers

*Photo courtesy of  Dino Petrocelli

Written by Lisa Petrocelli at 12:00 AM

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