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The #OBSelfie Challenge

#OBSelfie Challenge

We’re giving away prizes to deserving fans with the launch of the #OBSelfie Challenge. Each week we’ll have a theme, and all you have to do is:

  1. Follow us on Instagram and/or Twitter.
  2. Tweet or Instagram a photo relevant to the theme of the week.
  3. Use the hashtag of the week and #OBSelfie in the caption.
  4. Check our blog for the announcement of winners.

This week’s challenge is #MansBestFriend. Take a picture with your best friend and mortocycle, and use the hashtags #MansBestFriend and #OBSelfie in your caption. Each Friday a weekly winner will be announced, receiving an Original Bike Spirits prize pack. Good luck!

#OBSelfie Challenge Board

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