Contact/Brake Cleaner

Quick-Drying Solvent Leaves No Residue

Contact Brake Cleaner
  • Non-Chlorinated
  • Removes Grease, Oil, Road Grime, Brake Fluid & Chain Lube Overspray
  • Instant Evaporation
  • OTC/LADCO VOC Compliant

Original Contact/Brake Cleaner is a highly active solvent blend providing maximum performance in a brake parts cleaner without the use of ozone depleters or chlorinated solvents. Powerful blasting spray easily removes brake fluid, grease, oily dirt and contaminants from linings, pads and drums, cylinders and springs without disassembling the brake unit. Rapid and complete evaporation make this the ideal brake parts cleaner. Excellent product for cleaning chains and sprockets prior to applying new lubrication. This non-chlorinated formula does not contaminate waste oil so disposal is facilitated.

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