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  • David Anglin
    I've used the Spray Cleaner & Polish since the first day I got Lola! Still looks brand new 3 years later!
  • Ethen Dodd
    I've used it on every bike I've owned. Quick and easy way to keep your bike looking great for field rallies. Great for long road trips with extended stay. Affordable and easy spray on wipe off don’t have to worry about plastics or aluminum works great on chrome.
  • Johnathan Greathouse
    I love the fact it took nothing but a couple of clean rags and a can of OBS every other day to keep mine and my wife's bike looking good all the way to Sturgis! 4000 miles round trip of bug guts and grim just wiped away.
  • Pam Prey Warren
    Usually a dirty bike is a happy bike as it means it gets a lot of riding. But our clean, shiny red bike turns a lot of heads and gets a lot of comments when we're out riding. We love the OBS can of cleaner/polish because it's small and easy for us to take with us everywhere for quick touch ups and to keep our baby clean and shiny.
  • Jerry FrankLynnwood, IL
    Thank you for sending me the case of spray cleaner and polish. I have used this now several times and I'm amazed every time. What a great product. I shared the can with a few family members and a friend a they are equally impressed. Thank you again for picking my limerick for the contest. I included a picture of after I hit a deer at 60 mph and then after the rebuild and clean up. As you can see, its a thing of beauty.
  • Shooter KinfolkParagould, AR
    My name is Shooter Kinfolk and one of my friends turned me on to your Spray Cleaner & Polish. Man I love this stuff! Nothing for the last two years has been used on either of my Harley's - this stuff is the best product ever!
  • Eddy LuisoLand O Lakes, FL
    This photo was taken right after I cleaned my Glide with your Original Bike Spirits Spray Cleaner & Polish which I keep a can in my saddle bag at all times, especially in the Summer with constant Florida rain storms popping up. Not only does my chrome sparkle but my paint has a constant wet-look shine!!!
  • Elvis EverhartLinwood, NC
    I took this photo after I used Original Bike Spirits cleaner with just my cell phone and look at that shine . It took less than 30 minutes - unbelievable. I was using Mothers chrome polish and it took hours to clean and polish plus the extra time I had to spend with a tooth brush getting the white powder out of all the cracks this stuff is the only cleaner I will ever use again. This stuff is great - thanks Original Bike Spirits I am hooked for life!
  • Stacy BreesawitzBolivar, MO
    I know this sounds strange, but when I bought my bike it came with a can of OBS in the saddlebag. The guy told me he wouldn't be needing it anymore, and it had always taken good care of his baby. Of course, I was too excited about riding the dang thing to really care what he was saying about cleaners and stuff, just give me the keys! About, a week or so later I was giving my new bike a clean and shine job using my normal car cleaning stuff and I could not get the bug guts off the windshield, period. It just wasn't gonna happen. I saw the can of OBS I had pulled out of the saddlebag and set on the shelf in my garage. I figured, what the heck, might as well give it a try. I read the label, sprayed it on, and wiped away all the left over crud my normal cleaner left behind. I was impressed! Matter of fact, I'm still impressed every time I use OBS to clean my rides. I trust OBS to clean and shine my bike, my truck, and my other toys. I've never seen any product that even comes close to it. So, when people ask me where I got "that fancy cleaner" I use, I just tell them it came with the bike. Thanks OBS!
  • Russell CuretonLongview, WA
    I used bike wash for several years. I thought it was great stuff. Then I used Original Bike Spirits cleaner and polish and it is the best out there hands down. It makes cleaning my Ultra Classic simple. Love it and will stand behind this product.
  • Michael HoggChandler, AZ
    OBS keeps my bike looking new, just like it did on that first day I rode it off the showroom floor. OBS there is no other.
  • Scott ReavesLehigh Acres, FL
    I just started using the spray polish on both of my Harleys, and this stuff really makes them shine. I love your product!
  • Sean CoffranWindsor, VT
    A few years back I saw one of my co-workers wiping down his Goldwing with this polish in a can. I asked what it was and he handed me the can, it was Original Bike Spirits Spray cleaner & Polish. He says its all he uses to keep his bike clean. It's that good? I asked. He said keep that can and see for yourself. Well that was 3 years ago and I haven't used anything else on my bikes since. Very very rarely do I need to get the hose out anymore and I ride rain or shine. Original Bike Spirits gets all the dirt and grim off and my VTX shines.
  • Michael BachmanNewark, Ohio
    I do believe your cleaner is the best out there. I have tried a lot of different cleaners and polishes and none does it all or is an easy spray on wipe off. And keeps my windshield looking new. I use it on my leather and boots also. We had a cookout and I used it on my gas grill that is 2 years old and sits outside all year - people thought I had a new grill. Really am pleased with your product!
  • Robert HoldenNorth East, PA
    Original Bike Spirits Spray Cleaner and Polish is an awesome product that I have been using since my bike was brand new. Now with over 23,000 miles, it still has that new look and polished finish too it. I have not found anything better to keep my bike looking new. Plus its affordable, which on a tight budget is a big plus. As you can see from the picture, it still has that new showroom shine.
  • Keith ReevesAlbuquerque, NM
    About two years ago I was riding from California to New Mexico. Well while passing through Kingman, AZ I was given a blessing of tar spray from a paving project on I-40. Well You can image what a white bike looked like covered in tar over spray! I stopped at Mother Road HD and they recommended Bike Spirits to clean off the tar. It worked great!!! Cleaned the tar and bugs off and left my bike looking great!! I still find a few little spots from time to time and the Spirits still gets it off. I now travel with a small can just in case. Great stuff!!!
  • Ron BoydPeabody, MA
    One of my best selling cleaning products!
  • Ryan ShillingerSan Diego, CA
    Original Bike Spirits spray cleaner & polish is the ONLY spray detailer that gives another brand's "new bike in a can" a run for its money. I doubt they want me to mention the name... I love the way the OBS spray makes my black paint "pop" with that showroom shine!
  • Paul NeumannCave Creek, AZ
    We Love OBS at CLS Cycle Repair in Cave Creek, AZ! Thank you for making us look good!!!
  • Gordon MassengaleRayville, LA
    I'm a long time user of your product. You have a superior product and I use it on my Sucker Punch Sally. Outstanding brilliance!
  • Stelioz PaparizosMountain View, CA
    I use the cleaner / polisher (pink) on both bike and car. I keep a can with me during road trips or track days to remove bug, tar or tire marks. It works on all surfaces and I found it to be the most effective waterless cleaner. What can I say, I like shiny and clean, almost as much as I like driving.
  • Aaron RayReelsboro, NC
    I gotta say that this is one of the best products out there on the market and I have personally used them for awhile and hands down provides the best shine and helps to keep my motorcycles detailed and clean. Works great on plastics, metals, and plexiglass and has numerous uses even on "non" motorcycle applications. I have seen this product sell better then others in my "local" market and most of the shops or dealers even sell out quickly.
  • Dave BickfordWanatah, IN
    For years, I have used (another product) and was happy with it, until I won a can of Spray Cleaner & Polish as a door prize. This stuff is awesome! Keeps my bikes clean and shined just like a fresh wax. Thanks OBS!
  • Paul DewberryMidway, GA
    My bike is 12 years old so you can imagine how much of my time and elbow grease goes into keeping it cleaned and looking good. I recently purchased a can of your "Spray Cleaner & Polish" and I love it. It cleans, shines and protects paint and chrome and I can even use it on my windshield. It's like a detail shop in a can. Why didn't I know about this years ago? You have a great product. Keep making it and I'll keep buying it.
  • Matthew HutsonWoodstock, GA
    Nothing gets the bugs off better than Original Bike Spirits! Thanks for the great products and keeping my bike looking good all year long.
  • Nathan BryantSan Clemente, CA
    My dad and I are serious about our bikes. We actually ride our bikes for long distances to motorcycle rallies. They get dirty along the way and Original Bike Spirits make them look great when we are ready to show off our machines. Just try and get the Original Bike Spirits out of my Dad's saddlebag.
  • Rob NelsonCleveland, OH
    Riding since 1971, I have always searched for the best products to maintain my bikes. I now insist on Original Bike Spirits (OBS). This product is simply the best. It gets the road grim off fast, including those nasty dead bugs I just murdered. My bikes are spotless, minutes after a 300 mile, bug killing blast. The OBS can is always with me.
  • Johnny ClikemanMesa, AZ
    We started riding just a few years ago and we are in love with Original Bike Spirits Spray Cleaner & Polish. Ever since someone gave us a can we have been cleaning our bikes and all of our friends' bikes. It's actually rewarding to see how good this stuff works and how shiny our motorcycles look.
  • Jeff DeanSan Diego, CA
    Now that I moved to Southern California from New York, I can ride my pride and joy all year long. I love to take photos of my bike and Original Bike Spirits makes my bike shine.